BCS is dedicated to fostering a healthy, equal work environment. We believe that everyone has a role they will excel in, and we want to help you find yours within our organization.

Current Job Postings:

The Employment Specialist (ES) is responsible for designing and implementing a plan for each assigned participant in efforts to find a type of employment that fits their job goal or referral, interests, and is a reasonable distance from their home. The ES would also aid in the retention of the position for a designated period of time, provide coaching services, resume building, advocacy for the participant, and communication on behalf of client. The Employment Specialist shall follow company instruction and provide a level of service to its participants that meet and exceed the standards of excellence.

The Adult Job Coach will support the Employment Specialist position in
assisting participants with obtaining and maintaining employment. The Adult Job Coach will help find employment opportunities that are suitable for a client, support the client in following up on job applications, attending interviews, aid in the training of the client and will provide transportation for the client as needed.

The online instructor position will be work with youth with disabilities. They’re responsible for teaching a class of no more than 10 at a time with materials provided, paperwork filing for each student, and other administrative duties as it relates. Must excel with softwares like Zoom, Google G-suite, and have a desire to teach. Experience with Docusign is a plus.

Is it Full-Time or Part-Time?

Your hours are what you make them!

Contracted Full-Time (30+ hours per week)

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance available
Basic Life Insurance available
Voluntary Benefits through Colonial Insurance

Contracted Part-Time Class I (15-29 hours per week)

Dental, Vision Insurance available
401(k) available

Contracted Part-Time Class II (Less than 15 hours per week)

401(k) available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, BCS hires some remote employees, however, the position would need to meet specific criteria to be eligible.

BCS understands the importance of offering employees a career that enables them to balance their responsibilities at home with their work responsibilities. Depending upon the position, BCS offers employees as much flexibility in their career as possible.

BCS pays employees on the first and 15th of each month.

BCS offers direct deposit which offers convenience to employees.

Employees who are eligible for benefits are eligible on the first of the month following 90 days of employment.

The training program for each position is different, but typically training entails job shadowing, working with an experienced employee, and taking e-learning training courses.

BCS has a structured annual performance evaluation process that enables company leaders to convey performance information to employees.

BCS strives to keep employees informed by hosting weekly huddle meetings in which our Executive Director and Program Directors convey how well the company is doing as well as how each program is performing. During these meetings, we have team building exercises and it’s an opportunity to get to know other team members better. We also offer two yearly meetings which provide training and culture building.