Our Supported Living Services are as unique and multi-faceted as the individuals we serve.

Adults live in homes or apartments with a wide variety of custom-tailored supports, from cooking and shopping to hiking and going to the movies to visiting museums and amusement parks.

Supports are

  • person-centered
  • oriented around a daily routine which includes work and the pursuit of personal interests and hobbies
  • built to complement meaningful relationships with family, friends, neighbors and members of the community
  • based on individual preferences and capacities
  • designed to help each person live the life he or she wants.

Companion Services provide individuals with a companion who will spend one on one time for activities such as community involvement, social, and leisure activities. Companion does not do medical appointments. These services are provided to help the individual achieve goals pertaining to his or her Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) support plan.