Our agency adheres to the national and state standards of ethics. Our professionals are held to the highest ethical standards. We have partnered with and agree to operate under the APSE Ethical guidelines.

APSE’s Goals

  • Promote employment opportunities for all people, through local, regional, and national networks.
  • Help establish and expand equitable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Advocate with federal, state, and local legislators for legislation promoting integrated employment.
  • Work with federal, state, and local policy makers to increase funding for integrated employment.
  • Raise awareness within the business community as to the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Advocate for social change to help those with severe disabilities achieve a lifestyle that approximates that of individuals without disabilities.
Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith


Jennifer has a Masters in Human Services. She has over 20 years experience working with individuals to see their purpose in life. She founded this organization to be able to help others find their passion and purpose for life.


Jasmine Alexandre

Employment Specialist Liason

Jasmine has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates in Computer Science. She has over 10 years of experience helping individuals find their way in the workforce.  As a mother of a child with a disability, she understands how important it is to have a support system for both the individual as well as the family.  Her passion is to help others find long-term employment. 

Candace Luster

Program Director

Candace was born and raised in the Suncoast, graduating from Sarasota High School. She has experience in corporate management and planning. She came on board Bailes Consulting in 2016. Her passion and drive are to help BCS grow by leading, training and supporting BCS staff. She enjoys serving her community by volunteering and serving in her church.


Alexis Fretz

Marketing Coordinator & Mentor

“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.” Amelia Earhart

Gordon Winer

Gordon Winer

Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Donna Herbst

Employment Specialist

Donna is excited to serve clients with care and respect.

Danielle Markell

Danielle Markell

Administrative Assistant & Peer Mentor

Patricia Smith

Employment Specialist

Bettye Buchanan


Gilbert Alexandre

Job Coach, West Palm Beach

Don’t ever give up on opportunities because they only come around once in a while. -Unknown

Linda Daffner

Linda Daffner


Joel Leon

Peer Mentor

Shelly Neel

Employment Specialist